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RV Interior Design

The Wanderer Feature – All Eyes On The Horizon For Functional and Stylish Design – August 2014

ALL EYES ON HORIZON FOR FUNCTIONAL AND STYLISH DESIGN Very often when designing motorhome and campervan interiors, style comes second to functionality. Durability and ease of maintenance are the main priorities along with layout practicalities. Although concentrating on the essentials has proven to work well in the RV industry, Horizon Motorhomes has taken it one […]

Horizon Casuarina Review – Orange is the New Black

Caravan World Reviews the Horizon Casuarina Most motorhomes come in various shades of white. And that’s about all. Occasionally, however, someone steps out and does something radically different. In this case, it’s Clayton Kearney at Horizon Motor Homes, Ballina, NSW. Yes, he sometimes likes to order his Fiat Ducato vans in bright metallic orange… Related […]