The 4×4 Motorhomes Range

The 4×4 Range


Built into the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, the 4×4 Range from award-winning Horizon Motorhomes gives you the freedom to explore in a home away from home that drives like a car.

All models are equipped with 4ETS, Selectable All Wheel Drive and ADAPTIVE ESP®

Available in the Waratah, Acacia and Wattle layouts, each vehicle is built using only the finest fixtures and fittings.


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The key electric control system for the AWD Mercedes Benz Sprinter is called ADAPTIVE ESP® /4ETS. It is activated when one or more wheels begin to lose traction on a slippery surface. The system automatically applies the appropriate braking force to each of the spinning wheels and simultaneously increases tractive power to the wheels which still have sufficient grip, resulting in a significant increase in traction. ESP® plays a pivotal role in controlling your vehicle in measuring and responding to the vehicle’s load condition.

With selectable All-Wheel Drive your motorhome is in its element on roads that alternate between normal to difficult, using rear-wheel drive for standard operation and selectable front-axle operation at the push of a button. You can also select this function when the vehicle is moving (at speeds of around 10km/h).


The 4ETS electronic traction system permanently monitors the speeds of all drive wheels and adjusts them if necessary. At the first sign of wheel spin when accelerating or negotiating a slope, 4ETS applies brake pressure to the wheel or wheels concerned. This transfers more power to the wheels that still have sufficient traction. 4ETS therefore dispenses with the need for conventional centre, front and rear differential locks.


When braking or cornering, 4ETS and ADAPTIVE ESP® act as a team. At the first sign of wheel lock or if the vehicle threatens to lose traction and skid, ADAPTIVE ESP® stabilises the vehicle by applying precisely metered braking to one or more wheels and/or adjusting engine torque. This keeps the vehicle on track and, at the same time, can reduce stopping distances. ADAPTIVE ESP®/4ETS thus reduces the risk of skidding and, within physical limits, optimises traction.


The low-range drive ratio enhances operational versatility on difficult terrain. An intermediate gear in the transfer case reduces the transmission ratio between engine and wheels by around 40%, with a corresponding increase in drive torque. This makes it possible to manoeuvre extra slowly and sensitively.


  • Selectable low range
  • Improved traction on slippery or icy surfaces
  • Improved directional stability in critical situations
  • Engine power distributed in a ratio of 35:65 to the front and rear wheels respectively
  • Full ADAPTIVE ESP® functionality
  • All-wheel drive only marginally increases the vehicle weight


  • Mercedes 519CDI – 4 Wheel Drive, Dual Wheels
  • Wheel Base: Mercedes Benz LWB
  • Power: kW / Nm: 140 / 440 
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 4490
  • External Length: 6961
  • External Width: 1993
  • External Height/+Air Con: 2780 / 2915
  • Fuel Capacity (Litre): 100Ltr

WATTLEx2modelsWATTLE – Drive Away From: $163,500

  • Permanently made up singles or double bed
  • Large shower and toilet
  • Elevated 136 litre fridge
  • Front dinette area for two, rear dining for four
  • Large boot storage ideal for bulky items
  • Also available in 2WD



ACACIAx2modelsACACIA – Drive Away From: $165,000

  • Permanently made up double bed
  • Elevated 136 litre fridge
  • Large kitchen with generous bench and storage space
  • Optional double dinette seat with seatbelts*
  • Also available in 2WD




WARATAH – Drive Away From: $166,000

  • Permanently made up singles or singles/double layout
  • Separate dinette area
  • Combined sink/stove creates more bench space
  • Optional double dinette seat with seatbelts*
  • Also available in 2WD

*Options will incur additional charges.