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Enjoy Absolute Freedom in a Horizon – Wanderer – Jan 2016

Enjoy Absolute Freedom in a Horizon Award-winning manufacturer Horizon Motorhomes are built into the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models. They provide maximum storage and towing capacity for those extra essentials or non-essentials you wish to stow away or tow behind to enjoy touring and camping with absolute freedom. Horizon Motorhomes uses its unique designs […]

Hot Destinations this Summer – Wanderer – Dec 2015

The Wanderer this month featured Horizon Motorhomes must-visit tourist destinations where we filmed our latest product videos and personally tested our motorhomes in different locations. “Encrusted with many gems, Australia is a splendid spectacle, offering tourist delights along the coastline, the hinterland and further into the country. You are spoilt for choice with so many […]

Sealing the Deal with Horizon Motorhomes – Wanderer – Nov 2015

Sealing the deal with Horizon Motorhomes RV Waste and Water Systems Horizon Motorhomes have three separate water tanks in every vehicle, including fresh water, black and grey. Each have their own function but are all vital for improving water taste; minimising water loss, controlling harmful bacteria and preventing discoloured water. The tanks are available in […]

iMotorhome Magazine says Goodbye to ‘Cassie’

iMotorhome Magazine return their long term Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina iMotorhome Magazine sadly returned their long-termer Casuarina, more familiarly known as ‘Cassie’ to BCMC (Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre) earlier this week. Their detailed journey began in Bowral, Sydney, home of iMotorhome and ended back in Ballina, NSW, home of BCMC. It was a tough road ahead for Mr & Mrs iMotorhome as they set […]

Longtermer Update – iMotorhomes Magazine – July 2015

One Night Hardstand iMotorhome Magazine recently wrote about their ongoing review of Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina. ‘The last two weeks have been quiet for our long term Horizon Motorhomes’ Casuarina (Cassie) due to the rushed arrival and reassignment of our own motorhome – Project Polly (see page 48). However, we did manage to sneak away for […]

Live life outdoors with Horizon Motorhomes – The Wanderer – July 2015

The Wanderer feature ‘Live life outdoors with Horizon Motorhomes.’ Australians are known for their love of the outdoors and even more so, their love of their home and when it comes to Horizon Motorhomes the two go hand in hand, being able to make the most of the Australian outdoors in the luxury of a […]

Vanity Design

Horizon Motorhomes New Vanity Design – The Wanderer – July 2015

The Wanderer features Horizon Motorhomes New Vanity Design Horizon Motorhomes has recently developed its own unique vanity unit that features in all eight models available in its range. The new design is easy to clean, more elegant with simplified plumbing with an integrated shower and flip mixer. Read more below,

Staying Connected with Horizon Motorhomes – The Wanderer Feature – June 2015

The Wanderer Feature ‘Staying Connected with Horizon Motorhomes.’ Staying connected on the road is one of the biggest RV discussions and insufficiencies can be a deal breaker for many travellers when it comes to selecting a vehicle. Smartphone service, mobile internet, radio and TV reception are extremely fundamental to our personal livelihood and it’s also […]