Horizon Motorhomes 600th Motorhome Sale


It was a proud moment for the team at Horizon Motorhomes and BCMC (Ballina Campervan and Motorhome Centre) as owner Clayton Kearney and Sales Consultant Mark Murray, handed over the keys of the ‘Grevillea’ to the proud new owners John and Lynette Anderson.

John and Lynette, who travelled down the coast from their home in Hervey Bay, to collect their new motorhome from BCMC in Ballina, have spent the last two years researching, planning and working with the team at Horizon to get the vehicle of their dreams, exactly the way they wanted it.

The lovely couple have many years of travel experience on the road and decided to make the switch from a caravan to a motorhome for ease and convenience. They told the Horizon team that they wanted something practical, with ample living space and enough height for John and his 6’1 frame to easily fit into.

Lynette noted, “It really is all about the quality for me. Nothing else we looked at compares to the customisation and craftsmanship put into all the important details of the Horizon vehicles. Every Horizon owner we spoke to during our research were very pleased with their motorhome.”

John, who is President of the Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum, agreed by saying, “The fact that you have been around for so long is very important to us – especially in regard to follow up service and upholding warranties. You are obviously doing something right.”.

When asked what adventures they were planning in the Grevillea, Lynette said, “I’d like to get in our new Grevillea, drive to a junction and flip a coin: heads is left, tails is right and we can just see what happens.” We at Horizon, happen to think that’s truly one of the best responses we’ve ever heard.

As the new owners received their keys, Lynette was holding back tears – she hugged both team members, thanking them for the support and helpfulness throughout the entire process.

After 47 years of marriage and travelling together on the road, John and Lynette – you both must also be also ‘doing something right’. Good on you both – we wish you all the best in this exciting new chapter in your lives.

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