Caravan World | Far Horizons | 4WD Waratah Review

Clayton Kearney, Managing Director of Horizon Motorhomes, has been loving the motorhome life for many decades now. When he had the opportunity to put together a custom van specifically for himself and his family, he wanted practicality, comfort and style. He also wanted something that could handle all the back country roads…we think he 100% hit the mark. Incidentally, so does editor of Caravan World Malcolm Street, who recently reviewed the show stopping, bright orange 4WD ‘Waratah’.

“…the Horizon Waratah is really not a full-blown hardcore off-road vehicle but then neither am I a serious off-roader, so I reckon the 4X4 Waratah will be fine for most travellers ready to hit the road. Having four-wheel-drive will be a bonus in many areas — beach, slippery muddy tracks, snow country et al. On top of all that, you get a very well-equipped motorhome… It’s all designed for travelling in the comfort and style to which I have become accustomed!”

You can read the full article from Caravan World below or click on the link here.