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“A cool breeze and a little spring rain did little to stop this shutterbug from experiencing the holiday magic unique to Ballina, NSW.

Perhaps it’s the stunning coastline, the eccentric cafes, the occasional sidewalk busker, the fishing or the surfing, but there is a certain something about Ballina on the NSW north coast that makes fantastic memories very easy to make.

On the day that I arrived the sky was weeping and blowing in on an easterly. It was the sort of day that makes you remember your childhood – comfortable enough if just a little wet but grimace-inducing when the wind came.

Yet, somehow it didn’t matter. Ballina is still well worth visiting – even when the weather isn’t quite perfect. Perhaps this is why.

I’d managed to borrow a Horizon Casuarina in which to enjoy the area and parked it in a beaut caravan park called Discovery Park – Ballina

It’s a comfy park with all the trimmings including an activity room, barbecues, camp kitchen and, for those with kids, a bouncing pillow, playground and family bathroom. If you want to raise your pulse there’s a gym, pool as well as putt-putt golf – it’s a bona fide fitness activity, I am reliably informed.

 For those not in the know, Ballina is about half an hour’s drive east of Lismore via the Bruxner Highway, almost the same distance south of Byron Bay and about 114km south of the Gold Coast.

Centred on an island at the mouth of the Richmond River, Ballina is conveniently split four ways according to the compass – North, South, East and West. Between you, me and the clerk at the park, East Ballina is the place to be and to be seen. This is where you find a certain swagger on a walk around Shaws Bay.

For those not into walking but who’ll do it in order to try a little fishing, there’s an easy route along the rock wall that marks the northern boundary of the Richmond River mouth. From there, the word is there’s good fishing on nearby Lighthouse Beach or near the boat ramp on North Creek.

If the idea of surfing still has you wanting to Hang Ten then Ballina’s just the spot with more than 32km of coastline from which to choose…”

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