Garry & Fiona Jones love the stress-free lifestyle

IMG_9313“For about 3 years we were looking for a change in lifestyle. We’ve never owned a campervan or motorhome before but wanted to try it –  so we headed to Ballina to the BCMC (Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre) and that is when we saw the beautiful Spanish Red Grevillea built into Volkswagen Crafter 2008 and simply fell in love.

We went on several holidays in our van and within 12 months, decided to rent out our home for good and go on the trip of a lifetime. We have never looked back! We never thought we’d be on the road for 8 years now, but we couldn’t be happier. We are very happy and light travellers.

At the moment, we are residing in Cranbrook, where my wife and I work for about four months at a time, storing potatoes. Then for the next three months, we head to Tasmania to run an off-site storage for grain. Then, for the remainder of the year, well, we do whatever we like to.

We absolutely love the motorhome lifestyle, it is absolutely stress-free. It gives us the freedom to do whatever we want and whenever we want. If we aren’t happy with our job, we can just pack up and move on to the next location. We never want to leave ourselves too broke, so we don’t go working for too long.

We’ve looked after our vehicle over the past 8 years and it is still in very good nick. We have had so many great comments about it. We can’t even pull in for petrol without people asking to have a look at it.

During our time of owning the vehicle, the service has been excellent. When we phone up BCMC and speak to Rob and the team and they are always more than happy to help and will go out of their way to help us.  I really couldn’t speak highly enough of them. Greg, is the man that built our vehicle and every so on he checks in to see how we were doing. We’ve built a wonderful friendship over the years with them.

BCMC’s after sales service is exceptional, we’ve had a few minor problems over the years, like a water pump breakdown, but as soon as we phoned to let them know, they express posted a new one straight away.

We’ve mentioned BCMC to our friends and have had business cards in our car to hand out. According to Max in the sales team, we’ve given BCMC three sales from our recommendations.”

Garry & Fiona Jones, Cranbrook QLD, owners of a Grevillea built into Volkswagen Crafter 2008.