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The Wanderer Reviews the Horizon Casuarina.

Horizon’s new Casuarina allows you to roam far and wide while roosting in a fairly compact nest when it’s time to come home.

One of the difficulties when touring with a motorhome is coming back to your suburban home. It’s all very well to have the biggest, roomiest motorhome on the market but what do you do with a large piece of real estate you called home away from home when you are facing a driveway too small to park it? This is one of the advantages of a camper conversion like the Horizon Casuarina. Not only will it run down a driveway any average car can (except for its 2.6m height, of course) but it will cope much more easily with the run to the supermarket car park for supplies, too…read more

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Horizon Motorhomes | The Casuarina

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