The Horizon Motorhomes 4WD Challenge

On Saturday June 2013 Clayton Kearney, owner of Horizon Motorhomes and Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre, departed Ballina in a Waratah, a purpose-built 4WD Mercedes Benz Sprinter motorhome, for a month long off road test drive to Western Australia, along with his wife and two teenage children.

The plan is to drive from Ballina in Northern NSW, to Alice Springs and then on to the Kimberleys in North Western Australia, taking in as much off-road terrain as possible. The Waratah will then be handed over to Richard Robertson of iMotorhome Magazine in Alice Springs, who will take the vehicle and put it through its offroad paces, before returning to Ballina on Saturday 27th July.

Before he embarked on his journey, Clayton said “I want to prove that this 4WD Motorhome can go anywhere a land cruiser towing a van can go, and further. We will go to places where even I don’t know if the Motorhome will make it, but that’s all part of the adventure”.

Stay tuned for journal entries from the Kearney family and the Robertson’s as they travel in the Horizon Waratah.