Building on the Best and Proud of it

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Horizon Motorhomes are proud to be building on what has recently been named the ‘best motorhome base vehicle’, the Fiat Ducato. Europe’s leading motorhome and caravanning magazine, Promobil, name the Ducato as the best vehicle on which to build a motorhome.

Horizon Motorhomes are an award-winning specialist manufacturer of built in motorhomes with 8 models currently in their range, four of which are built into the Fiat Ducato wheel-base including the Melaleuca, Casuarina, Banksia and Banksia+2.

Owner of Horizon Motorhomes, Clayton Kearney says, ‘The most popular model of our range is the Melaleuca (Fiat) followed by the Banksia but the newest models; Banksia + 2 and Casuarina (also Fiat models) are jostling for position.’

The Melaleuca is built into the Fiat 2.3 litre Ducato LWB high roof 6 speed Auto with air conditioning and is just under 6 metres long, at 5998cm long. It is a compact unit with all the features of a larger van. Modest in length, which not only makes manoeuvring and parking the van easy but also means you can park legally in most car spaces.

As specialists, Horizon Motorhomes pride themselves on their ability to tailor new motorhomes to particular customer needs. Building within the original vehicle shell (into the Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Benz Sprinter) helps them to deliver a fantastic touring recreational vehicle, which not only looks great but also is functional, fuel efficient and safe.

Clayton Kearney says, ‘The Fiat Ducato is an excellent vehicle to build on due to its durability, reliability and ease of manoeuvring and parking. It has spacious and flexible interiors, and provides a long and low cost life as well as great touring ability.’

The Horizon design team have created a range of inspirational motorhomes. The Fiat Models drive away price starts from $112,500 for the Melaleuca.

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