Gina | Life in her Casuarina

Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina owner Gina talks about her motorhome known as, ‘Rina’ and recent 3 month trip to the Flinders Ranges & ‘Red Centre’, giving us insight on her travels with two dogs and tips on buying a motorhome.

The Casuarina copes well with having 2 small dogs on-board. Horizon fitted special latches to secure their travelling crate between the rear dining seats. They each had a soft cubby to sleep in, fitted neatly in the Driving Cabin. In Camp, their travelling crate becomes their ‘safe’ daytime spot, outside, under the awning.

We chose the Optional Extra of having the Fiamma Bike Racks mounted on the Rear Doors. We made good use of our Bikes & my Electric Bike has a Dutch Designed Dog Basket so our Furry Friends can accompany us. We have great Memories of the Bike Path Wine Trails in the Clare Valley!

Travelling with Dogs does require some compromise. Uluru National Park was logistically difficult because the service town of Yulara doesn’t have any dog minding facilities. We were able to visit Kings Canyon before driving on to Alice Springs & pre- arranged Kennels before flying back to Uluru for a 3-night stay at Longitude 131.

Upon our return we then were able to take ‘Rina’ out to the West Macdonell Ranges & explore the NP’s there before picking up the Dogs from the Kennels. The dogs had had a great time on the Property they were at & enjoyed their extra freedom.

“Visiting the Flinders Ranges and leaving the dogs at a Port Augusta Kennel had been logistically easier. The Casuarina handled the good dirt roads in the Flinders very well. We used Rawnsley Park Station as our Base and took their advice on the suitability of various dirt roads. There were good walks to do from the Station itself and we also had fun riding our bikes around the Property.
We also availed ourselves of one of their 4WD Tours, where it was just our very informative driver and us. It was such a good way to understand the environment and make it so much more than just ‘taking in the scenery’. Rawnsley Park also has it’s own air strip and we had a great adventure flying at dawn up to Arkaroola to join their Guided 4WD Adventure on a wild road in the Northern Flinders.  Flying over Willpenna Pound at dawn and returning at sunset was a magical experience.

At the moment, Gina and Co. are enjoying their local beaches but will be heading south, to Tasmania, for the whole of the Summer, with no firm date to be home. She says that’s the freedom of retirement!


Gina and her husband have their future sights set on travelling across the Nullarbor. She says, ‘The Nullarbor is on our To Do list but we intend to explore places closer to home in the meantime. These trips would include, North-West NSW – SW QLD, Central West Qld, New England Tablelands, Dorrigo Plateau, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland, South Coast NSW and every inch of Victoria! She says “we don’t feel as if we have to do the Big Circle, all at once.”

For those of you starting out on buying a motorhome, Gina has also given us some hot tips on what you should think about before you buy, ‘If you weren’t already familiar with at least Campervanning then ‘Try Before You Buy’!

Think about what you want to do in your adventures. How ‘off road’ do you want to be? Would you be just as happy to join off-road tours with folk experienced in the terrain? How much living space do you really need? The more space the bigger the rig and the greater the costs and less flexibility in terms of parking and easy camping spots.

Great advice Gina. Enjoy your travels and we look forward to some travel updates.

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