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iMotorhome Reviews the Horizon Waratah.

Our Waratah model was recently collected from BCMC, our exclusive dealer, by iMotorhome and taken for a review

Here’s a bit of trivia for you rail buffs. Did you know there was once a branch rail line from Booyong (between Lismore and Byron Bay on the old North Coast rail line) to Ballina? I didn’t either, but when I was cruising around the back streets of Ballina in a very new Horizon Waratah motorhome I discovered some old concrete piers across the North Creek canal. They are about the only remains of the line which opened in 1930, took 5 years to build and closed just 29 short years later.
That might sound a slightly odd way to open a motorhome review, but it’s an example of the multitude of interesting discoveries to be found by simply cruising around in a motorhome – even if you are familiar with a particular area. I was actually there to pick up the aforementioned Waratah motorhome from Horizon Motor Homes and take it for a spin…read more

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