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‘Cassie’ continues to pass with flying colours

iMotorhome recently took ‘Cassie’, the Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina, for a month-long test drive that turned into more of a long term adventure. Along the way, they documented every detail of their journey and published reviews in recent issues of iMotorhome magazine.

The first article, ‘Part One: Baptism by Water -Our first longtermer isn’t afraid of getting wet’ details their journey from Sydney to Ballina and back. They flew from Sydney by plane to Ballina to pick up the Casuarina, which is now more dearly known to them as ‘Cassie’, from the BCMC headquarters then drove it 12 hours back to Sydney.

Despite the atrocious weather, all-in-all the Casuarina came through with flying colours – and just a few water leaks. As they faced poor weather conditions which made the journey a difficult feat, putting Cassie and iMotorhome to the test.

Some water “came in through the fridge vents and trickled down the aisle, while some came in thorough the rear roof hatch, which is vented in accordance with gas regulations and dampened the upholstered lids of the between-bed storage boxes. Other than that is was fine.”

“It seems this is one motorhome that doesn’t mind a bit of water – inside or out – and by now it’s well and truly baptised. As Humphrey Bogart said at the end of Casablanca, “This could be the start of a beautiful friendship”,” iMotorhome said.

The second article, ‘Part Two: All in the Family. After almost a month our longtermer feels like part of the family,” coincides with the end of the fourth week of their journey and iMotorhome explain how well Cassie – their longterm Horizon Casuarina, fits into their life.

“For this trip the Casuarina is our return transport and day-trip vehicle, and it’s convenience over the car we usually bring down cannot be overstated. And, this time there are no major issues to report. Overall the Casuarina continues to impress, particularly in terms of Horizon’s conversion build quality and the Fiat’s comfort and economy,” they said.

The next article, ‘Part Three: Steady as she goes. How our longterm Casuarina is faring’ is written three weeks after their last adventure, where iMotorhome takes Cassie for a week-long adventure in Victoria, where they visited Mansfield, “a beautiful place in Autumn.”

They stopped at many sites along the way including the “monument – a tribute to three police offices killed by the Kelly Gang, while the steps of the courthouse are from where Ned Kelly was proclaimed an outlaw.”

They also face an interesting/challenging drive to the ski resort of Mount Buller the morning after a pre-season snowfall. But, all-in-all, iMotorhome state, “the Casuarina continues to demand nothing, yet remains an enjoyable, comfortable and practical vehicle to have on the driveway. I can hear the road calling again, though…”

The last article (for now!) is ‘Part Four: Mobile Me! The home office is where you park it,’ where they proclaim how well the Casuarina fits into everyday life.

One concept they were keen to explore is how the long-term test vehicle is how easily it fits into our daily life.

“For much of its time ‘our’ Horizon Motorhomes’ Casuarina has been sitting on the driveway, which is also the reality for many motorhomes in the real world. Utilisation is one of those double-edged swords RV owners struggle with: Too little and it’s an expensive indulgence difficult to financially justify; too much and it runs up the mileage, lowers resale and increases costs. For us, time more than anything has been the limiting factor.”

They also state, “A van like the Casuarina is probably easier to integrate into daily life than a coach built motorhome, especially if you live where parking is an issue.”

One other thing they were most keen to test out in this review was how well a van conversion motorhome can be used as a mobile office and this again passed with flying colours.

“Comfortable, practical, reliable and economical, this Horizon Motorhomes’ Casuarina is proving the perfect house guest,” they said.

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