John & Lyn Bendell | Banksia

John and Lyn Bendell | Banksia

John & Lyn Bendell

We love the comforts of our Horizon Motorhomes Banksia. 

For 22 years John and Lyn Bendell have been repeat and valued customers of BCMC.

In 1994, John and Lyn called into BCMC, or Ballina Campervan and Leisure Centre as it was known then, to buy curtain clips for their campervan on their way through Ballina on a holiday. It was then that they saw a “lovely van” sitting on the showroom floor. 

When they left Ballina on that holiday they didn’t come away with curtain clips but a brand new 1994 Frontline Campervan instead. It was love at first sight! John and Lyn bought their camper from Ron (Clayton’s late stepfather), who they described as a real gentlemen.

John and Lyn had that Frontline Campervan until 2010 when they traded it in for a new Frontline Campervan from BCMC which they bought from salesman Ken Bowden. John said “when we were going to change we didn’t bother going anywhere else – we went down (to BCMC) and had a look and that was it”.

That Frontline Campervan served them well for six years but after campervanning since 1985, John and Lyn thought it was time that they moved up to a motorhome. Early 2016 they traded in their Frontline Campervan for a Horizon Motorhome – a Banksia – which has a few more comforts.

John and Lyn did their research “when we were looking for a new motorhome we found Horizon Motorhomes were far superior to the other motorhomes that are around as far as the quality of the build is concerned. Horizon Motorhomes certainly offer everything, and we are getting a bit older and want a few more comforts. We were looking for a motorhome which had a bed made up all the time and a permanent dinette area.” They found the perfect match in a Banksia Horizon Motorhome, which is built into the Fiat Ducato base vehicle.

It was also their years of experience with BCMC that helped make John and Lyn’s decision. “We have had no problems over the years and we have had great service with BCMC. The staff have been excellent”. In terms of their new Horizon Motorhome, “Sharon was excellent with the build of our Banksia just keeping us up to date with what was going on, and Clayton came and saw us when we were taking delivery”.

John and Lyn are looking forward to hitting the road with friends of theirs from South Australia who also own a Horizon Motorhome. Their friends found Horizon Motorhomes at the SA Caravan and Camping Show where they saw a Casuarina. “They went away and looked at a few things and decided on a Horizon Motorhome as they found them far superior from the other manufacturers” John said. John and Lyn are looking forward to travelling in their Banksia together with their friends who have bumped into other proud Horizon Motorhome owners - the Leyland’s! A Horizon Motorhome Convoy awaits!

– John and Lyn Bendell, owners of a Horizon Motorhomes Banksia