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“My Melaleuca Horizon Motorhome is put together so well, and it’s practical, every bit of space is used, and is useful.”

Helen declares she loves to travel, and despite her early discovery that she is ‘allergic to camping’, she is now a proud and happy owner of a Melaleuca Horizon Motorhome. “In my younger years we did some camping in a tent and I thought “this is not for me”.

Although being Sydney based, much of Helen’s work takes her to areas in central Queensland. It was the constant travelling back and forth that set about Helen’s exploration for an alternative to flying and staying in motels.

Enter Horizon Motorhomes! Helen admits she really did her homework: “I took my time, I read everything about everything”.

“It took about 3 years to make the decision because I wanted to make sure I had the right vehicle”.

Helen attended camping shows and did her research online and the thing that she kept going back to was the Melaleuca.

“What I wanted was a vehicle that I could park anywhere, and something that is ideal for someone traveling alone”.

“With the ‘baby’ because she is 6m long or just under it means I can park her anywhere and that for me is the joy. That’s perfect”.

At just under 6 metres long, the Melaleuca is the most compact of all the Horizon Motorhomes.

“It’s small – but it doesn’t feel it on the inside”.

“The thing I loved about Horizon was their simple and effective designs”.

“There would be whiz bang things in other vans, but I like things clean and practical and that’s the thing about Horizon I kept coming back to”.

“It’s put together so well, and it’s practical, every bit of space is used, and is useful”.

As her motorhome was being built, Helen visited the Horizon factory and met craftsmen behind the scenes that were building her motorhome.

“Horizon have happy staff, “I got this feeling from them that they loved what they did and they did it well”.

Overall Helen has found her Melaleuca “suits me down to the ground”.

“It’s easy to clean, which is good because I’m not really domestic!”

Helen bought her Orange Melaleuca through Jack at BCMC. “At Easter in 2014, I went to Ballina and sat down with Jack. I had seen the white, pale blue and gold motorhomes (none of which were me), and here was this orange melaleuca”.

“I remember saying ‘I like the orange, Jack’, I was insistent on an orange Melaleuca”.

Nowadays when working out in central Queensland, “People wave at me madly – because they know the orange van”.

After adding flyscreens, a bulbar and surround sound, Helen finds her Melaleuca Motorhome is perfectly suitable for living in, which she does for 10 months of the year.

“It is just the best thing – the best thing I’ve ever done”.

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