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It’s little wonder Horizon Motorhomes’ Melaleuca is so popular…

While many aspire to the largest, flashiest motorhome they can afford, there’s much to be said for small and compact, especially for single travellers. Horizon Motorhomes’ Melaleuca is perhaps the smallest motorhome available in Australia today yet it’s consistently one of its best sellers. Why? Because size isn’t everything…

Horizon is a niche manufacturer specialising in what it calls ‘built-in’ motorhomes. By that it means it builds in vans rather than making seperate bodies that go on a cab-chassis – known as a coachbuilt – which is the motorhome industry norm. The ‘built-in’ tag is an effort to establish a point of difference, although most people call such vehicles van conversions. Many people also confuse them with campervans, so here’s RV identification lesson 101: A motorhome has a bathroom, a campervan doesn’t.

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