Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Built-In Motorhomes

Now in its 25th year, Horizon Motorhomes has been setting the Australian industry standard as an award-winning specialist manufacturer of built-in motorhomes.

As specialists, we pride ourselves on our ability to design new motorhomes to suit particular customer needs and preferences. Building within the original vehicle ‘shell’ helps us deliver a fantastic touring Recreational Vehicle (RV), which is not only innovative, but looks great and is functional, fuel efficient and safe.

After many years in the industry, we know that nothing ever stays the same. That’s why our product range is constantly being enhanced, developed and tested in line with customer expectations and demands.

Our Purpose Built Factory

Horizon Motorhomes are designed and hand-built in our purpose-built state of the art production facility in the Ballina Industrial Estate and each one is assembled with precision, passion and engineered with only the finest quality materials and construction techniques available to make the perfect home away from home.

For our customers and visitors we offer a complete factory tour, which gives an up-close-and-personal look at the motorhome manufacturing process and a look at the build of their brand new motorhome.

The manufacturing process, technology and products available to incorporate into our motorhomes are also evolving quickly. It is this constant change that we thrive on and that keeps us striving to build the best built-in Motorhomes. The challenge of designing, building and selling Motorhomes that our customers love is why we do it.

Manufacturing Specialists

Each motorhome is hand built with precision and passion and engineered with the best materials and construction techniques, which have led it to become one of the largest built-in motorhome manufacturers in Australia.

Owner and Managing Director, Clayton Kearney is constantly monitoring the industry in Australia and overseas. Clayton visits Dusseldorf, Germany to attend the world’s largest trade fair for motorhomes and caravans to research the cutting-edge technology, interior decor and the future of the RV industry.

The high quality cabinetry is built into the vehicle body (rather than onto the chassis), retaining the structural integrity of the vehicle and giving you a safer and more fuel-efficient ride. There are no joins and no movement, making your drive a quiet one, just like driving a car.

Our Process

The manufacturing process (engineering) are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product. Our process begins with the product design, and materials specification from which the product is made.

Our team of certified tradesmen construct our motorhomes over a number of stages. Once the shell arrives, the process involves cutting out the van to create windows, rust proofing, installing insulation and wiring. From there the vehicles are ready for the cabinetry to be built and fitted into the shell. Before the vehicle leaves the factory there is a rigorous testing process, where everything from the hinges, latches, lights, gas cooker and battery are tested and tested again.

Including high pressure water testing the entire motorhome during the final motorhome inspection process.

From there the motorhomes are decorated with their decals, detailed to perfection and taken to the BCMC showroom for customer collection.

Our engineering department plays an important part in our manufacture of our multi award-winning vehicles. We use only the latest 3D CAD technology to create your Horizon Motorhome layout. This is then transferred as architectural files to our CNC router giving automated, precision cutting of internal cabinetry.

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