Kari On | New Guest Blogger

Meet Kari.

Meet Kari
Kari, Snowball and Bella

Four and a half years ago she bought her Horizon Motorhomes ‘Melaleuca’ (who she’s named Snowfall) and like so many of our Horizon ‘Women on the Road’, she too travels with her furry friend – a rescue dog named Bella.

Originally from Bribie Island, she is about to turn 70 and has been on so many enviable adventures around the country. It is however, her latest road trip that is truly remarkable and very inspiring.

Yes folks she has spent the last year circumnavigating around Australia, completing the “Big Lap” all on her own.

“I have to pinch myself that I actually just did that…but I did. Every single day was a highlight… Australia is just a wonderful country”.

If you think Kari would have more than a few stories to tell, you are right. Lucky for us, she happened to make daily entries into her travel journal self titled “Kari On Around Australia”.

We are incredibly excited to announce that Kari will be our guest blogger, sharing the incredible details of her trip and all the weird and wonderful stops along the way. Watch this space to read all about her adventures.

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