Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Motorhomes.

Go places a standard motorhome can't go.

Built into the Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Motorhomes Sprinter, this Range from award-winning Horizon Motorhomes gives you the freedom to explore in a home away from home that drives like a car.

The new 4×4 All-wheel drive is always active when driving. The 4×4 range is available in the long-wheel base and medium wheel base Sprinter and is available in Horizon Motorhomes’ Wattle, Waratah and Boronia layouts.

Getting a grip on your driving.

With Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Motorhomes All-Wheel Drive is in its element on roads that alternate between normal to difficult. All-Wheel Drive is always active when driving. The “torque-on-demand” transfer case of the new All-wheel drive is permanently in use during driving mode and enables a full variable of torque-on-demand controlled distribution between the front and rear axles from 0-100%.

The full variable torque distribution between the rear axle and the front axle is ensured by the electrically operated multidisc clutch integrated into the new transfer case.

4x4 All-Wheel Drive basic principles of operation.

With an open multidisc clutch the vehicle drives almost exclusively in rear wheel drive mode. With a closed multidisc clutch the front axle is engaged and supports the rear axle. Depending on the driving situation, the drive torque is shifted variably between the rear axle and the front axle on this Mercedes-Benz 4×4 motorhome. As soon as the driving situation requires, an appropriate drive torque is regulated to the front axle. As soon as the additional drive torque is no longer required at the front axle – for example with heavy braking manoeuvres with ABS intervention – the front axle is switched off and the additional drive torque is reduced to zero. In the event of an impending understeer or oversteer of the vehicle under load, the drive torque is distributed to the rear and the front axle to stabilize the vehicle again.


The ESP® or the 4ETS control systems adapted to the new all-wheel drive, intervene only when the measures mentioned above do not result in stabilization of the vehicle. With the new All-wheel drive and the adapted control systems, the handling characteristics improve the vehicle dynamics and traction of the Sprinter 4×4 with torque-on-demand compared to the predecessor model.

4x4 AWD Advantages.

  • Improved traction on slippery or icy surfaces
  • Improved directional stability in critical situations
  • Full ADAPTIVE ESP® functionality
  • All-wheel drive only marginally increases the vehicle weight
  • Torque-on-demand controlled distribution between the front and rear axles from 0-100%

Vehicle specifications.

  • Mercedes 419CDI – 4X4 AWD, Single Rear Wheels
  • Wheel-Base: Mercedes Benz MWB / LWB
  • Power: kW / Nm: 140 / 440
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 4100
  • External Length: 6075 / 6961
  • External Width: 1993
  • External Height/+Air Con (MWB): 2790 / 2925
  • External Height/+Air Con (LWB): 2820 / 2955
  • Fuel Capacity (Litre): 93Ltr

4x4 AWD motorhome range.


Sprinter LWB

From $223,500

  • Permanently made up singles or double bed
  • Large shower and toilet
  • Elevated 136 litre fridge
  • Large boot storage ideal for bulky items
  • Also available in 2WD


Sprinter LWB

From $223,500

  • Permanently made up singles
  • Separate dinette area at front
  • Combined sink/stove creates more bench space
  • Optional double dinette seat with seatbelts*
  • Also available in 2WD


*Options will incur additional charges


Sprinter MWB

From $225,000

  • Extendable double bed
  • 176 litre fridge/freezer
  • Large kitchen with extendable bench, separate induction cooktop and sink unit
  • Dining space between driver and passenger swivelling seats
  • Bathroom with integrated shower and flip mixer tap


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Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Motorhome Experience.

Explore this model and see just how tough this 4×4 really is. Click on the play button and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can view all areas of your Horizon Motorhome.


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