NRMA Reviews Horizon Motorhomes Melaleuca – October 2013

Here is a review by the NRMA of our most popular model, the Horizon Motorhomes Melaleuca.

This is the Horizon Melaleuca, a model that accounts for around 40 per cent of the northern New South Wales manufacture’s sales. Based on the Fiat Ducato long-wheelbase van, it’s a simple, comfortable van conversion that Horizon says is very popular with single travellers. It’s not hard to see why.

The front wheel-drive Ducato is a vehicle that always impresses. Car-like comforts, which include air conditioning, Bluetooth, decent seats and low noise levels, combine with great handling characteristics, good, well modulated brakes, and adequate power and fuel economy. There’s even a front diff-locker to afford the van some more traction on slippery surfaces. As a bonus, it’s just shy of six metres long and under 4.5 tonnes, so it legally fits in a standard car park spot and doesn’t require an upgraded license…read more

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