Our History

Our History


The Horizon Motorhomes story began in early nineties, when Owner and Managing Director Clayton Kearney turned his love of motors and travelling into a career and established the Horizon Motorhomes brand after the first converted vehicle sold from the Ballina motor village complex yard. Starting with second hand buses and ambulances, the converted vehicles proved popular.


The first mercedes sprinter conversion was the Wattle. and in those days Horizon was already leading the way in innovation, with air conditioning, shower and gas cooker installed.


The Boronia and Eucalypt motorhomes were both built into the medium wheel base ex-ambulances but were later discontinued to concentrate on building into the Long Wheel Base (LWB) & Extra Long Wheel Base (XLWB) mercedes which were proving the most sought after vehicles. The Casuarina motorhome was built and launched (without a bathroom) but then discontinued for a short time because it wasn't proving popular.


Owner and managing director Clayton Kearney custom built a Waratah 4WD and took off on a month long off-road test drive challenge, driving from Ballina to the Kimberly region of Western Australia. The Waratah 4x4 passed its test and Horizon's range of 4x4's gain in popularity with those wanting to explore more of Australia.


Horizon launch their own unique vanity unit that features in all models available in their range. The new design is easy to clean, more elegant with simplified plumbing with an integrated shower and flip mixer.


In Horizon's 20th year, the 500th motorhome is sold and were named Winner of Manufacturer of the Year Award at the NSW Caravan & Camping Industry Association (CCIA) NSW Awards of Excellence.


Winner of Manufacturer of the Year again at the NSW Caravan & Camping Industry Association (CCIA) NSW Awards of Excellence, Finalist at Optus Awards & Ballina Chamber of Commerce Awards ‘Manufacturing & Innovation’ and celebrates its 21st Anniversary.


Winner of ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ for three consecutive years and ‘Best of the Best’ for their second year, at the NSW Caravan & Camping Industry Association (CCIA) NSW Awards of Excellence and make history by entering the Hall of Fame.


Clayton Kearney's wife Kylie came up with the name 'Horizon' motorhomes, and using Microsoft Publisher designed the original logo (featured below) on one of the first coach-built motorhomes, the original Waratah.


The AcaciaMelaleuca and Banksia are added to the range. The new shape for the Melaleuca came in 2006, but was put on hold while as a new design was being built and tested.


The Melaleuca motorhome was re-released and added to the Horizon motorhomes range and is now the best selling motorhomes. At just under 6 metres long, the Melaleuca is a compact unit with all the features of a larger motorhome.


The Grevillea motorhome was launched and added to the Horizon range. Complete with electric hinged double bed, giving easy access to the boot from the inside of the vehicle, and a walk way down the side of the bed.


The Casuarina motorhome is re-released. It is built into the Fiat Ducato XLWB and has a 130kW turbo-diesel and 6-speed automated manual transmission and GPS as standard. In the same year, the Banksia + 2 Motorhome is launched - based on the Horizon Motorhomes Banksia model, the ‘+2’ refers to the two passenger seats behind the driver’s cab. Built into the Fiat Ducato XLWB (automatic) with front wheel drive, the Banksia comes in at 6.3mtrs long.


Horizon Motorhomes developed a new rolling roof mounted rack for a kayak - this system combines roof racks and rollers on top of a motorhome for easy transportation. Part of the kayak system has a ladder on the rear door with an additional telescopic ladder that can go in the boot.


Horizon Motorhomes sold its 600th motorhome and launch a new Motorhome to the range - Melaleuca Appeal.


This customised 4WD Waratah was built for managing director Clayton Kearney and is referred to as the 'beast' and made its debut at the NSW Caravan, Camping & Holiday Expo in Sydney this year.