David Colless | Outback Adventures

Horizon Motorhome owner shares with us his journey across the Australian desert…

Owner of a Horizon Motorhomes Acacia, David Colless has been documenting and sharing his outback adventures with us. He has been travelling across the Outback Way across the Great Victoria Desert. His Horizon Acacia has handled the 1100km of desert with ease, and even attracted comment from some macho 4wd drivers.

His vehicle is not a 4wd but he has done a subtle suspension upgrade so it can handle the desert’s rough terrain from sand dunes – desert oaks and has even come across dingoes and corrugations.

At this stage, he is still in WA and ‘Hilary’ the Horizon Acacia is still going strong. With 5761km so far on this trip and many more to go!

Horizon Motorhomes love hearing about his journey. If you own one of our motorhomes, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us via info@horizonmotorhomes.com.au.

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See the images from David’s journey below,

Outback Adventures
Horizon’s Cafe at the information centre.
Outback Adventures
Sand dunes, desert oaks, dingoes and corrugations
‘Hilary’ has succeeded from WA and the Commonwealth.
Outback Adventures
Ernest Giles lookout. Jan is up there looking for a geocache.
Outback Adventures
Driving the shortest route – home to Uluru 2830kms.
Outback Adventures
Devils marbles in Northern Territory