Destination | The Pinnacles

The Turquoise Coast is hailed as one of Australia’s best kept secrets and features the world famous Pinnacles Desert as part of Nambung National Park.

The desert has an incredible diversity of unique fauna, living stromatolites, pristine beaches, excellent fishing and is in the middle of Western Rock Lobster fishery (yum!).

The entrance is approximately 10km from Indian Ocean Drive and the Pinnacles loop is open all year round. You can drive or walk around a 4km unsealed loop. There is an unbelievable lookout on this loop and thousands of huge limestone pillars that rise from the shifting yellow sands –  you will not believe you are only 6km from the ocean!  If you visit between August – October, you will witness a surprising array of vibrantly coloured wildflowers.

Photo Credit: Horizon Owner Margaret Humphries

The park is also fringed by secluded, white beaches great for swimming, snorkelling and surfing. Go fishing from Thirsty Point Lookout or swim in the turquoise waters of Hangover Bay. Less than 5 miles (8 kilometres) from the park’s entrance, scenic Kangaroo Point is named after the mobs of kangaroos who gather on the beach at dawn and dusk. The park, like much of this coastline, is ablaze with the colours of seasonal wildflowers from August to October.

Further north along the Indian Ocean Drive is Jurien Bay, surrounded by the pristine beaches of Sandy Cape Recreational Park and Lesueur National Park, home to hundreds of plant and bird species. Jurien Bay is the place to feast on freshly-caught rock lobster, spot migrating whales between June and October and snorkel or dive the limestone reefs and caves.

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