“This is our first motorhome and to our surprise was Horizon Motorhomes 500th motorhome sold. We were excited to pick up our new vehicle and were even luckier to receive this news and with it came a gift – a bottle of Chandon Champagne and a Certificate stating we are the 500th Horizon Motorhomes owner.

Our new Casuarina is exactly how we imagined it – tailor made and hand-built to perfection. With a white gold exterior and an interior to match, with a few additional red hues in the seating, cushions and wall panels. And with an additional reversing camera for safe parking.

We were previous caravan owners but after running into several issues with our van along our travels to Ballina a few years ago, we called in to the BCMC (Ballina Campervan and Motorhome Centre) showroom, in Ballina, to get assistance and this is where we spotted our first motorhome – a burnt orange Horizon Motorhomes and decided a motorhome would be our next choice.

After several months of conducting research on motorhomes, Horizon Motorhomes was our first choice due to quality, reliability, the in-built design and safety features and we also loved the freedom to move the whole vehicle with ease, backing it and parking anywhere and also the compactness of it.

We are set to travel in our new Motorhome later this year, heading to North Queensland during the remaining winter months, then on to the Great Ocean Road in the warmer months of Summer. But for now, we are just testing things out – finding out how everything works and where everything goes.”