“We used to own a tent and campervan both stretching back to the 70’s – caravans are too cumbersome on the road. We now enjoy the ease of set up and drivability of a Horizon Motorhome.

We love the ability to quickly get organised to get out on the road. We keep our travel clothes packed. We only need to turn on the fridge and fill with fresh food. We make sure we have everything we need for a week’s worth of camping and then we ‘Go Bush’! Caravan Parks are used sparingly! Being self-contained in our Casuarina gives us the freedom to find peaceful and quieter spots! We do lots of ‘sight-seeing’ in between a bush camp session, stopping just overnight en-route.

We chose to go with Horizon Motorhome partly because we’d dealt with them before, getting annexes for our previous second-hand camper (not purchased through them). We were impressed with their product and after-sales service then (1999). We also prefer dealing with local businesses and did check other options before our final decision was made.

We went with the Casuarina because it was the best option for us – the extra length providing our preferred layout with positioning of fridge, a bigger ensuite and larger cooker separate from the sink.

When choosing the Casuarina layout this meant we chose the Fiat Ducato base. The Fiat’s extra width/length ratio suited us as very tall people. We wanted to stick with the size of van that would be most versatile in terms of ease of parking in towns and in finding bush camps.

For many years, we’ve popped in and out of BCMC to look at the Horizon Motorhome as we like keeping up with the trends. We’ve always been made welcome and been able to chat without feeling pressured or a nuisance because we weren’t ‘in-the-market’.

Since becoming ‘active’ in exploring the possibility of actually buying a motorhome we’ve found them very responsive to our process. After multiple visits, turning up with family and friends, lots of measuring, questions, and indecision around the options, the team at BCMC and Horizon Motorhome dealt with us with patience and humour! I really appreciated being involved in making some internal cupboard design changes to suit my desires. Those aspects give a great deal of long-term satisfaction with the end result. After sales service has been exemplary! The odd teething problem was solved with no fuss and no bother approach.”