“My name is Kari and I purchased my Fiat Ducato ‘Melaleuca’ from Horizon Motorhomes in 2012 and I’ve been travelling on the road with my dog Bella ever since.

I have been on many trips around the country, but recently have just completed the ‘Big Lap’. I have to pinch myself that I actually just did that…but I did! Every single day was a highlight…Australia is just a wonderful country.

I was surprised at just how many independent women there are on the road. So many women are there to support you if you need it and I’ve made lots of new friendships.

Because I have solar power and good-sized water tanks in my Horizon motorhome, I am able to be independent for a fortnight at a time if need be. I love the freedom and it’s the best option when you travel with a dog. They can run around and get the exercise they need after being on the road for quite a while.

Even if you are travelling alone, you are never really all alone. But make sure you are fully equipped – well as much as possible because stuff happens and that is all a part of the adventure. Prepare as much as you can but most of all ask questions to fellow travellers. Most ‘solos’ are friendly and outgoing and most travellers will respond in the same way.

Dealing with the Horizon and BCMC teams has been wonderful – the service is outstanding, and nothing is too much trouble. The last few years have been life-changing, I wouldn’t change anything.”