The Wanderer | Riding Solo

Long the domain of grey nomads or intrepid families, RV travel is experiencing a shift thanks to an ever growing band of solo travellers – and, it’s women who are leading the charge. Considering that completing the ‘Big Lap’, heading north for the winter, or exploring some of this country’s most remote corners are bucket-list trips for many, it’s not hard to see why life on the road is so appealing to Australian women.

Travelling around in a motorhome offers convenience, freedom, flexibility, independence, and safety, not to mention you have everything you could possibly need with you. With no limit to your adventures, it’s a lifestyle many women are wholeheartedly embracing.

On the Rise. According to the latest membership data from CMCA, there are 2,109 single female memberships. Many of these women also form part of the CMCA Solos Network, a singlesonly Special Interest Group formed in 1997 that has roughly 700 to 800 members. According to Vice President Margaret Cook, this is a number that is continuing to expand – by at least 30% in the past five years – and the majority of growth can be found in the over 50s demographic. It’s a figure reflected in the information Explorer Motorhomes has collected, which found 22% of owners are solo women, and also aligns with the clientele Horizon Motorhomes are seeing more of. They’ve noticed an obvious jump in the number of women purchasing motorhomes, saying, “solo Aussie women are smashing the stereotype and changing the scope of the motorhome life on the move”. Cook says part of this solo travelling revolution can be contributed to the cost of living continuing to rise, and the fact that “rent has gone up so much that many can no longer afford housing, and turn to moving around in RVs of all shapes and sizes”.

Many women are also separated or divorced, widowed, or have partners who don’t want to come along. There’s also the sense of security travelling in a modern motorhome promises for a single woman, and the ability to literally drive away if dangerous or uneasy situations present themselves. For some though, it’s as simple as an urge to explore and a willingness to experience new things – and an RV lifestyle certainly offers the freedom to do all of that.

INDEPENDENT WOMEN Gold Coast resident Kari Rawlings is one lady who has fully embraced the RV way of life, and says she “thrives on the empowerment and freedom that road-tripping gives you”. Rawlings took the plunge at the age of 69 and (along with her beloved dog Bella) jumped in her white Fiat Ducato Melaleuca by Horizon Motorhomes

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