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December 11, 2015

Gina | Life in her Casuarina

Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina owner Gina talks about her motorhome known as, ‘Rina’ and recent 3 month trip to the Flinders Ranges & ‘Red Centre’, giving us insight on her travels with two dogs and tips on buying a motorhome. The Casuarina copes well with having 2 small dogs on-board. Horizon fitted special latches to secure read more…

December 7, 2015

Hot Destinations this Summer – Wanderer – Dec 2015

The Wanderer this month featured Horizon Motorhomes must-visit tourist destinations where we filmed our latest product videos and personally tested our motorhomes in different locations. “Encrusted with many gems, Australia is a splendid spectacle, offering tourist delights along the coastline, the hinterland and further into the country. You are spoilt for choice with so many read more…

August 7, 2015

iMotorhome Magazine | Sydney to Ballina | Casuarina

iMotorhome Magazine return their long term Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina iMotorhome Magazine sadly returned their long-termer Casuarina, more familiarly known as ‘Cassie’ to BCMC (Ballina Campervan & Motorhome Centre) earlier this week. Their detailed journey began in Bowral, Sydney, home of iMotorhome and ended back in Ballina, NSW, home of BCMC. It was a tough road ahead for Mr & Mrs iMotorhome as they set read more…

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July 16, 2015

Horizon sells 500th Motorhome

Horizon sells 500th motorhome Horizon Motorhomes celebrates their 20th anniversary along with their 500th motorhome sold. Last week, was a milestone for Horizon Motorhomes. In Horizon’s 20th year we have just sold our 500th Horizon motorhome! This is a proud moment for owner, Clayton Kearney and his staff at Horizon Motorhomes and BCMC  (Ballina Campervan & read more…


July 13, 2015

iMotorhomes Magazine | One Night Hardstand

One Night Hardstand iMotorhome Magazine recently wrote about their ongoing review of Horizon Motorhomes Casuarina. ‘The last two weeks have been quiet for our long term Horizon Motorhomes’ Casuarina (Cassie) due to the rushed arrival and reassignment of our own motorhome – Project Polly (see page 48). However, we did manage to sneak away for read more…

July 1, 2015

The Wanderer | The New Waratah

The Wanderer Magazine Features The Waratah from Horizon Motorhomes in their ‘What’s New’ section Horizon Motorhomes‘ Waratah is built into the Mercedez-Benz Sprinter with car-like features including cruise and climate controls air-conditioning and heating, traction and stability control and ABS brakes. It is available in 2WD or 4WD. Related Tags: Motorhomes Manufacturer | Horizon Rv Servicing read more…

February 3, 2015

The New Look Acacia Motorhome

The Acacia from Horizon Motorhomes is built into the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and comes with a permanently made up double bed at the rear, with inner spring mattress. Watch the new Acacia Motorhome Video: After a recent face lift, The Acacia Motorhome boasts some of the newest additions to the Horizon range. You have the read more…