Time to Roam | New Horizons | Wattle Review

Here at Horizon Motorhomes, we have started rolling out our new Mercedes Benz Sprinters. Get familiar with this new model with the team at Time to Roam, who recently reviewed and reviewed our Horizon Wattle. Providing you with a thorough break down, from the extensive features to the motorhomes functionality. Here’s a small snippet of the review highlighting the great safety features and one of the new technology integrations:

“The new Merc is the icing on the cake, though, as so many of the features we expect on modern, European vehicles have been included, especially in the safety department. The Sprinter has optional Active lane-keeping assist, so it’ll actively steer the car to help you stay in your lane and a crosswind function to help prevent big winds blowing it around. Neither are intrusive. There are four airbags standard and even a hand’s free system called ‘Hey Mercedes’ (standard in the 4X4 models) where you can ask the van to do something like play a certain song or call a certain person. No word yet on whether Horizon’s developing a ‘Hey Horizon’ feature where you can ask it to do things like make a coffee or pack up the awning, but I hope it’s coming.”

You can read the full article from Time to Roam below or click on the link here.