Kari On | Country Cruising

We headed out from Bilpin through the mountains and turned off to go through the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens (just beautiful early in the morning). Unfortunately, too early for the Information Centre, but Bella and I still had a lovely walk around. The dahlias were my favourite as they always remind me of Uncle George and Auntie Grace who used to compete with theirs at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. They had just a tiny, semi-detached, backyard garden and would win against the professional growers.

Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

The scenery going over the range towards Lithgow is spectacular with beautiful bushland infiltrated by sheer cliff faces highlighted by creams, ochres and reds (stunning!).

Bushland Infiltrated

What always amazes me is how nature will survive – I noticed plants growing out of the tiny cracks in rock face.

Travelling through more of this beautiful country (and many a windy road), I passed the Zig Zag Railway (for another time) and proceeded through Lithgow and Bathurst. I took a break at Bathurst Showground to fill up with water, empty the loo and allow Belz a bit of a ‘sniff around’. The pavilion buildings were beautiful!


Finally, continued on the road and stopped for the night at Carcoar Dam. A great sport to camp with a lovely view across the dam, although it was a little low, to watch the cattle and sheep graze, where the hill behind is topped by a wind farm.

After a lovely walk with Bell and some breakfast, we headed off on our journey again the next morning. The countryside was smattered with sheep and cattle interspersed with wheat fields. We passed a turnoff to the Historic Town of Carcoar, so went for a look – so rustically quaint.

Coffee Shop

At the railway station Bella dropped her toy onto the track and jumped down to get it. She looked up and decided it was too high to jump back so she headed off down the track and it was if she looked at me to say “I do not know how to get back”, or to say “Well. That’s me done. I will just follow the tracks to wherever they may lead me”…

Rail Track