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The Wanderer recently reviewed the Melaleuca.

Lounging in the back of Horizon’s Melaleuca with the rear doors flung open, watching surfers cruise the waves from the lookout above the tiny north coast NSW town of Lennox Head, I realised this was my kind of motorhome: compact and cosy but fully equipped and self-contained. And after speaking to the team at Horizon, I don’t think I’m alone – the Melaleuca is just as popular with the Ballina-based manufacturer’s staff as it is among its clientele.

Built into a long wheelbase Fiat Ducato and coming in at just under 6m (20ft) long, the Melaleuca is the smallest model in Horizon’s range and ts snugly into most standard car spaces, making it an easy tourer for stopping and exploring whenever the fancy takes you – which it did, a lot, while touring the eclectic towns and ever-changing countryside of NSW’s beautiful Northern Rivers region. This compact size was also a bonus as we negotiated the over owing carpark at Cape Byron Lighthouse – filled to the brim with backpackers and tourists visiting this iconic attraction on the easternmost tip of the Australian mainland.

The 2.3L 150hp turbodiesel engine served us well on the region’s narrow, winding hinterland roads…

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Wanderer Review Melaleuca
Wanderer Review