We ask the Leylands

‘You may remember the Leyland brothers from the popular Australian TV series ‘Ask the Leylands’, or if you don’t I’m sure you’ve heard about the two brothers that travelled across Australia and beyond to New Zealand, in response to questions posed by viewers of the TV series?!

Mal, and his brother Mike crossed from the west coast of Australia to the east coast of Australia, reaching the steep point, most westerly point of W.A. and the most easterly point of Byron Bay. The journey took 5 and a half months or in Mal’s terms, ‘It took exactly 111 days!’ 

The TV series followed the Leyland brothers travels, and documented them across 153 TV episodes between 1976 and 1980. Initially, the brothers traveled in an orange VW Kombi, later upgraded to a pair of 4WD vehicles.

Mal and his wife Laraine Leylend, ‘Australia’s First Couple of Camping’, are getting ready to hit the road again as travel writers, almost half a century on from when they first started out together. Their next big adventure will be revealed in Time To Roam Magazine.

This time, Mal & Laraine Leyland will be travelling in a Horizon Motorhome, after recently purchasing a second hand Horizon Motorhome Banksia, with a Fiat Ducato wheel base.

In light of their adventure, Horizon Motorhomes owner Clayton Kearney donated $3000 worth of services and accessories to make the vehicle safe, and suitable for them. 

With the main work including: a full motorhome service, a bull bar fitted, shower door and mirror fitted, Anderson Plug Fitted & Regulator Upgraded – for auxiliary solar panels, existing solar panel check, town water filler replaced, LED globe fitted, replaced and various other adjustments.

The Leylands, are an incredible couple who’ve experienced many of life’s ups and downs, yet every time they’ve picked themselves up and embarked on another adventure.

Clayton Kearney said, ‘Meeting them and getting to know them has been an absolute pleasure and we can’t wait to hear about their travels in the Time to Roam magazine’

Time to Roam, have been honoured with the couple joining the team for their first segment appearing in the December issue – producing Time to Roam’s travel section. For each issue (in the bi-monthly magazine) they’ll report back on places they discover and people they meet.

Mal said, ‘Their travels are set to start in South Australia and their first leg will be heading to Victoria. However, from then on there is  no set plan, except to travel and write about the experience of travel, things you won’t find and are aimed at people like the grey nomads (whom are many of the Time to Roam readers) and will report back on places discovered and people they meet.’

Mal, who is as synonymous with Australia as Vegemite, describes their Horizon Motorhome as very comfortable, with room for everything they need. After owning a Kombi they describe their Horizon as a, ‘Kombi on steroids.’ They’re enjoying the freedom the freedom to move the whole vehicle with ease, backing it and parking anywhere and are looking forward to taking it on their adventure. Stay tuned to Time to Roam to keep up to date on their travels.

For more information on Horizon Motorhomes visit horizonmotorhomes.com.au or to follow them via Time To Roam Magazine by clicking image below,’