Why A Motorhome?

Why A Motorhome

Why A Motorhome?

So, you’ve got an itch for adventure and you love the freedom of the open road. You’ve admired the motor-homing lifestyle for a while, but it feels overwhelming to know if it’s the right thing for you.

Why a motorhome instead of a campervan or caravan?
It’s a matter of personal choice. You may have reservations about towing a caravan rather than driving a single unit. You may not have enough room to park all your vehicles off-street, or it could come down to the type of touring you want to do. But, if you prefer a series of one-night stops you’d probably prefer a motorhome rather than disconnecting/connecting the caravan to the car.

What’s the difference between a motorhome and a campervan?
It’s the difference between size and performance. Motorhomes, generally, are larger and offer more facilities –a bathroom/shower and toilet, better equipped kitchen facilities, more sleeping area and layout options to seat up to 2-4 guests and have two separate dining areas. Motorhomes are suited for touring the open road, and with our 4x4 range you can take on some off road adventures.

How comfortable is the motorhoming lifestyle?
The high-quality cabinetry is built into the vehicle body (rather than onto the chassis), retaining the structural integrity of the vehicle and giving you a safer and more fuel-efficient ride. There are no joins, and no movement, making your drive a quiet, car-like one.

What’s more, when you get to your destination, some of our built-in motorhomes allow you to pull into a standard car-parking space and give more passing space on narrow roads. All Horizon Motorhomes comfortably sleep 2 people, with a number of bed layout options available, including king single, double, singles and king beds.

Why we love Motorhomes!
Kari Rawlings has recently completed the "Big Lap" in her Horizon 'Melaleuca' with her rescue dog Bella and loves road tripping alone. Joyce Lyndsey and her poodle dog Amber-Rose bought their Horizon 'Banksia' 4 years ago and have been traveling ever since. Lynne Taylor had always wanted to cross the Nullabor and recently she was able to do this in her gorgeous blue Horizon 'Melaleuca'. See video to find out what these three ladies had to say about why they LOVE the motorhome lifestyle!

How fuel-efficient are they?
Motorhomes are built with turbo diesel engines, which means they are built to last while providing lower maintenance costs through reliability and fuel efficiency. Built into the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Benz Sprinter vehicles, all models in the Horizon range offer excellent fuel efficiency.

Driving & Parking
Each Horizon gives you the ride comfort and drivability of a passenger car and they are just as easy to park and pull up anywhere. The Melaleuca can fit comfortably in a standard car space with its total length being under 6 metres, and every motorhome in the range can fit in width ways, so if there’s room you could reverse other models in and let the rear overhang the path. The Melaleuca Appeal, Melaleuca, Banksia, Banksia +2 and Casuarina can all angle park in a main street making it easy to pick up supplies while on the move.

Do you need a special driving license?
Standard car licence is all you need.

Want to divert from the itinerary and see something different? You can travel where and when you want in a motorhome. With a motorhome you have the ability to get up and go, tour the open road. For the more adventurous, 4x4 options are available in the Waratah, Acacia and Wattle layouts, giving you the freedom to explore some of the more remote areas of Australia in a luxurious touring vehicle that drives like a car.

*Options vary per model.

Modern Amenities
Horizon Motorhomes are self-contained and include the following amenities -

The bathroom has everything you need with toilet, sink, shower and vanity unit. It is easy to clean with simplified plumbing, and Horizon’s unique integrated shower and flick mixer tap to maximise space.

Kitchen layouts feature a microwave and fridge with freezer compartment, available at an elevated height in some models*. Each model has plenty of drawer space with deep drawers suitable for larger pans and bulkier items. The kitchen bench is a modern gloss surface, ideal for easy cleaning. The 3-burner stove and sink is separate in models with the larger kitchen bench surface and combined in the Melaleuca models, Banksia +2 and Waratah. There is also a handy shelf for smaller items above the kitchen bench in some models. You can even opt to have your motorhome kitchen completely fitted out before you arrive with pots, pans, plates and wine glasses in protective foam compartments fitted into your drawers.

Sleeping Layouts
All Horizon Motorhomes comfortably sleep two people, with a number of bed layout options available including king single, singles or double beds.

You can dine inside or out with models featuring convertible dinette tables. In models with a double rear seat, an extendable dinette table will comfortably seat four, allowing you even more room to entertain friends.

Our motorhomes feature plenty of storage for clothing, kitchen items, food and bedding making use of every space available without it feeling cramped.

Step Back to Nature
Whether it’s having friends over for a barbie, watering the garden, or just simply relaxing with a book, the motorhome lifestyle allows you to spend more time in the great outdoors, step back to nature, as well as our own home. Horizon Motorhomes offer you a recreational and moveable home that you can take with you, stay or stop over in reach of your favourite outdoors location. Each vehicle gives you that feeling of space, as the side and back doors open fully, letting the outside in - allowing a breeze to float through the van on those hot Aussie days. 

The People You Meet
The Motorhome lifestyle is second to none; you will make friends (even a community) for life along the way at parks or campgrounds. Mingle over a cuppa, play a board game inside or head outdoors with your water sport equipment (which you can transport safely inside on on top of your motorhome). You will learn plenty of travel tips from locals and fellow travellers on your journey, in fact many people change their plans after speaking to fellow motorhomers.

What should you expect to pay?
A new motorhome would start around $100,000 with our base model the Melaleuca Appeal starting at $102,500. This motorhome comes to you complete with unmatched style, quality and value built in to every Horizon, at a lower, more accessible price point, it’s a smaller vehicle with less mod cons. Whilst the largest model in our fleet, the Grevillea, built into the Mercedes Benz Sprinter starts at $141,000. This extra long vehicle has all the special interior and furnishings you would expect plus a motorised hinged double bed for easy access to storage. There are also options for 4x4 vehicles with out Wattle, Acacia and Waratah layouts, starting from $165,000.

Depreciation & Resale
Motorhome prices hold their value pretty well, they do not depreciate like a motor vehicle, but of course they still do somewhat. Horizon Motorhomes have outstanding resale value. Even though you will want to hold on to your Motorhome for many years, it is reassuring to know that when it is time to sell or upgrade, the strong recognition of the award-winning Horizon brand the high quality of craftsmanship and materials ensures a good resale price.

Make the Choice
Choosing a motorhome lifestyle is a decision you will never regret; it shows you a different side of travelling and touring and allows you to go on some exciting off road adventures. A motorhome combines your accommodation and transport all in one, putting the great outdoors of Australia at your fingertips.

What are you waiting for?
Buying a motorhome is the perfect opportunity for you to spend some time on the road with your friend(s), family or exploring a new exciting destination on your own, all with the comfort of your self-contained motorhome. Need some help picking the perfect motorhome that’s right for you? Select or read more about the right motorhome for you - see our full range.

*not Melaleuca Appeal, Melaleuca, Banksia, Banksia +2 or Waratah