Wrapping up First Half of the Show Season

Our line up at the Adelaide Show


Our sale associates John & Mark recently returned home to Ballina, NSW after a long stretch on the road attending Caravan and Camping Shows around the country. With the first half of the show season complete the boys will soon be gearing up for the second half of the show season beginning on the 25th of April with the Sydney Supershow.

After the ‘Horizon Show Tour’ kicked off in Newcastle on Feb 9th, Mark and John went on to Adelaide, Melbourne and the Gold Coast with very few breaks. Between them, they spoke with roughly 600 people over the course of the four shows. They met up with existing customers, and of course made some new connections.

In Newcastle there were good crowds considering the crazy heat wave that topped 52 degrees on the grass (48 in the shade). John said “ It was an amazing effort for those who came to talk us. We tried to stay hydrated and answer everybody’s questions before it just got too hot in the afternoon. ”


Mark & John still smiling in 44 degree heat


“It was great to chat with all our visitors, but a special hello to Murray and Vicky who will be picking up their Horizon Motorhome ‘Melaleuca’ very soon” Mark told us.The boys said that many people they spoke to were about five years out from retirement and making plans now. There were a number of couples, but also plenty of single women setting off on their own and found they spoke a lot about quality and safety.

John with Murray & Vicky


Mark explained that “Everyone seemed very interested in the structural integrity of the Horizon Motorhomes range and this seemed especially important to the women we chatted to. The Fiat vehicles seem to be the ‘flavour of the month’ at the shows and it’s easy to see why. There is no overhang, so it’s easy to manoeuvre and has the driving experience of a car. Plus, the set up and pack down is virtually none existent”.

In Adelaide, the pace was slower and the weather far more pleasant. Multiple people told the boys they had spent a considerable amount of time researching online (website and vehicle reviews) before deciding to come and check the motorhomes out in person.

Our line up at the Adelaide show

Mark noted “People were really interested to learn that many of the basics are standard inclusions in the base price of a Horizon vehicle. Many commented on how that translated into not only a quality build, but really good value for your money. This was backed up by our winning Manufacturer of the Year not once, but twice”.

Both boys found that the predominant inquiry at this show was about the Horizon Mercedes Benz 4×4 vehicles and wanted to have a look at the Waratah more than the other vehicles.

Mark said “A special thanks to Colin and Lynn who came to visit at both the Adelaide and Melbourne show. We look forward to you picking up your motorhome very soon”

Having a chat at the Adelaide Show

In Melbourne it was a quieter show and there was a strong and genuine interest, “People specifically looked for us, so we had lots of time to spend with them. We got to take our time to chat with each and every one of our visitors to understand their needs and answer all their questions in person.” John said.

An important feature discussed here was the safety and “self-containment” of a motorhome. Good fuel economy, battery life, water storage and a solar power option were very popular topics.

At the Gold Coast John and Mark were pleasantly surprised with lots of existing customers coming to see what was new with our vehicles & to simply say hello. Horizon’s Managing Director, Clayton was also in attendance at this show and customers always like the opportunity to speak with the ‘boss’.

Set up at the Gold Coast Show

Word of mouth is still one of the most popular ways that people find us and the Gold Coast show was no exception.

“We were constantly hearing about people who found us simply because they had met a Horizon owner on the road who were so happy. Often, they (Horizon owners) end up showing strangers through their vehicle and educating them in the Caravan park they are staying at” John said.

Both John and Mark consider themselves ‘educators’, they’re not high-pressure sales people just hired for the show. When you meet with John, Mark or any of our sales team, you will work with them and the team throughout the entire process, from the initial enquiry through the build process and final handover of the vehicle.

You can catch up with John and Mark at the Sydney Caravan Show at the Rosehill Racecourse April 25-30th

Call BCMC our exclusive dealership on (02) 6681 1555 if you have any questions about our motorhomes.

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