Why Horizon?

Why Horizon

Why Horizon?

You love the idea of getting in your motorhome and exploring all the natural wonders of Australia. You also want to have a comfortable place to sleep and eat. Our motorhomes give you all that you need and more – and their customised features make travelling and camping a joy.

At Horizon Motorhomes, we don’t offer the typical motorhome selection. We build our unique motorhomes in the original shell of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Fiat Ducato. These motorhomes not only look great, but they’re also functional, safe and fuel-efficient.

Long established and Australian owned and made

Award-winning Horizon Motorhomes is the brainchild of Clayton Kearney, who in the early nineties turned his love of all things motors and traveling into a family business.

Horizon, based in Ballina, northern NSW, have been designing and building built-in motorhomes since 1995.

Every motorhome is hand-built with precision by a team of master craftsmen, using only the finest materials and construction techniques, to create a perfect home away from home.

Built-In Perfection

Built into the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Benz Sprinter base vehicles, the current range boasts nine motorhome layouts – Melaleuca Appeal, Melaleuca, Casuarina, Banksia, Banksia +2, Wattle, Acacia, Waratah and Grevillea.

The high-quality cabinetry is built into the vehicle body (rather than onto the chassis), retaining the structural integrity of the vehicle and giving you a safer and more fuel-efficient ride. There are no joins, no rattles, and no movement, making your drive a quiet one, just like driving a car. What’s more, when you get to your destination, our built-in motorhomes allow you to pull into a standard car-parking space and give more passing space on narrow roads.

For the more adventurous, 4x4 options are available in the Waratah, Acacia and Wattle layouts, giving you the freedom to explore some of the more remote areas of Australia in a luxurious touring vehicle that drives like a car.

Accredited, Awarded and Trusted

As an RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer, each model in the Horizon Motorhomes range adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR’s), regulations and Australian Standards.

For three consecutive years Horizon Motorhomes have been recognised by the CCIA (Caravan Camping Industry Association) NSW as the Motorhome Manufacturer of the Year and have now entered the CCIA’s Hall of Fame.

Horizon are proud to be 100% Australian owned and made by their team of local craftsmen at their purpose-built factory in Ballina.

Building into the vehicle shell retains the structural integrity of the motorhome and gives you a safer and more fuel-efficient ride.

Hand Built in Australia
Horizon Motorhomes are proud to be designed and built here in Australia and are an RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer 

Clever Design
Each model is designed with a clever use of space, generous on storage and with the interior comforts of home. 

Turbo Diesel Engines
Engine built to last while providing lower maintenance costs through reliability and fuel efficiency.

Fuel Consumption
Built into the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Benz Sprinter vehicles, all models in the Horizon range offer excellent fuel efficiency.

Built with Perfection

Horizon Motorhomes are designed and hand-built in our purpose-built factory in Ballina and each one is hand-cut with precision and passion and engineered with only the finest quality materials and construction techniques available to make the perfect ‘home away from home’.

Our team of certified tradesmen construct our motorhomes over a number of stages. Once the vehicle ‘shell’ arrives, the process involves cutting out the van to create windows, rust proofing, fitting insulation and wiring. From there the vehicles are ready for the cabinetry to be built and fitted into the shell. Before the vehicle leaves the factory there is a rigorous testing process, where everything from the hinges, latches, lights, gas cooker and battery are tested and tested again, including water testing the entire motorhome during the final motorhome inspection process.

From there the motorhomes are decorated with their decals, detailed to perfection and taken to the BCMC showroom for customer collection.

Constructed to Suit

We aim to offer a personalised service, and as such you can choose to purchase your Horizon Motorhome for construction (as opposed to purchasing an already constructed vehicle on display). This means we then have the ability to design your motorhome to suit your individual needs, including changes that can be made as part of the construction process, such as bed layouts or adjustments, or changes to the storage combinations.

We have list of options available for each vehicle which enables certain modifications to be achieved within the context of the overall conversion design, not a unique custom build, which would be very costly. Horizon Motorhomes have lots of experience in designing motorhomes to suit our customers and can help you in determining which motorhome is right for your travelling requirements. Simply ask us about our options available when you visit or call.